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and his beloved dog Tess.

Golden Retriever Turned In by Downsizing Owner Becomes First Beneficiary of Tess McIntyre Foundation Crowdfunding Campaign

A few short weeks ago, True Blue was left homeless when his owner downsized and no longer could accommodate him. But through the efforts of Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue, he is a happy dog enjoying his new home and loving family. And, along the way, True Blue became the first beneficiary of the Tess McIntyre Foundation’s campaign to provide Welcome Home Rescue Packs to newly adopted dogs.

While under the care of SCGRR, True Blue was neutered and spent his recovery time in a foster home. After a couple weeks he was put up for adoption and became part of the Martinez family, an animal loving clan that also has a seven-year-old Golden named Cody, a cat and a horse.

True Blue’s story is not a unique one. Inadequate housing is one of the main reasons dogs end up in shelters, either because of restrictive housing policies or simply due to lack of space, as was the case with True Blue. Also, somewhat surprisingly, 25% of the dogs who end up in shelters are pure breds.

True Blue is one of the lucky ones. He has already reserved a spot for himself on the family bed and has quickly become of the playmate of Cody. A water-lover, he has been enjoying the family pool. He’s done a little curious sniffing around the cat (no word on what the cat thinks).

As True Blue moved into his new home he was equipped with a Welcome Home Rescue Pack purchased by the Tess McIntyre Foundation. The rescue pack includes a bed, collar, leash and three-month supply of tick and flea prevention medication. The foundation is sponsoring a crowdfunding campaign, the goal of which is to fund 50 Welcome Home Rescue Packs. These packs help insure that rescued animals are safe and healthy as they move into their new home.

The Tess McIntyre Foundation was founded last year. It is named after Tess, a three-year-old Golden Retriever who was adopted from SCGRR. Tess was killed in an accident not long after moving into her new home. Her owners have dedicated their efforts in her memory to helping other rescued dogs.


For further information, contact Bill McIntyre, founder of Tess McIntyre Foundation at bmcintyre@tessmcintyrefoundation.org or Barbara Gale, founder of Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue, at info@scgrrescue.org.  Or visit the Web sites http://www.scgrrescue.org/ and http://www.tessmcintyrefoundation.org/.

Please help Tess help other dogs like Cinda!

Donations to The Tess McIntyre Foundation are tax deductible. The Tess Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charity.
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