In memory of Bill McIntyre


and his beloved dog Tess.

The Lion King Litter

Lion King Litter

Cynthia is a four-year old Dachshund/Chihauhua Mix who was rescued by K911 in Jenkins County, Ga. They brought her to our partner Home for Good Dog Rescue (HFG) at their care facility in Aiken, S.C. At the time, Cynthia was pregnant and had a condition called “Cherry Eye” which resulted in an inflammation that obstructed her vision.

While under HFG’s care in Aiken, Cynthia gave birth to six puppies. They were christened the Lion King Litter.

Through our supporters donations, the Tess McIntyre Foundation is pleased to have been able to support Cynthia and her family. Our sponsorship enabled mama’s eye operation, vaccinations across the board and treatments for fleas and ticks.

All of the necessary medical care, including Cynthia’s operation, has been completed. Even better news, Home for Good has lined up families who have committed to adopting Cynthia and her beautiful puppies once they are ready.

The Tess McIntyre Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity that helps rescued dogs get the medical treatment they need to recover and get adopted. 100% of the funds donated to the foundation are used to help dogs like Winnie.

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