In memory of Bill McIntyre


and his beloved dog Tess.

The Tess McIntyre Foundation Class of 2020: Pups Who Got a Second Chance

They came from Los Angeles and Philadelphia. From South Carolina, from Georgia and from Mexico. One was shot. Another was hit by a car. A senior dog was abandoned by her owners and a litter of puppies were abandoned by their mother.

All are part of the Tess McIntyre Foundation’s Class of 2020. They are the dogs whose treatment and healthcare we helped fund. They were homeless and faced euthanasia. Now, thanks to our rescue agency partners, they have all been placed in stable, loving homes.

Here are just a few of the stories of the dogs we sponsored this year:

Willy the dog

Willy is a two-year old chocolate lab. He was owned by a breeder when he broke his hip and leg. He received no treatment and as a result the leg calcified. With the help of our sponsorship, Willy’s leg was amputated, he was neutered and received all necessary vaccines. We’re told Willy now runs faster than most dogs with four legs. He was adopted by a young woman who was herself an amputee, having lost an arm in a boating accident.

Roxie the dog

Roxie is a 9-year-old Golden Retriever lab mix who was given up by her owners in Southern California because they couldn’t deal with her medical issues. Roxie had three tumors, one of which was the size of a softball. Our donation helped pay for her medical treatment, which involved surgery to remove the tumors. Roxie is now healthy and has moved into the home of the loving senior citizen couple that adopted her.

April the dog

A 2.5 year old lab/hound mix, April was saved from a kill shelter in Georgia. When she was brought to the vet, she was found to have a 38 caliber bullet lodged in her cheek. Our funding helped pay for the needed surgery, anesthesia, vaccinations and a heartworm test. April is now healthy and in her new forever home in New Jersey.

Finnegan the dog

This one-year-old was targeted for euthanasia because of a severe skin condition. He was rescued from a shelter in Augusta, Ga., We contributed toward the cost of medication for mange, antibiotics and medicated baths. Finnegan now looks like new and is happily living with an adopting family of four.

During the year we worked with three different rescue agencies: Home for Good Dog Rescue in Berkeley Heights, N.J.; Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue in Los Angeles; and Eleventh Hour Rescue in Randolph, N.J.

Founded in 2015, the Tess McIntyre Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity. All of the money donated to the foundation goes toward the treatment and care of rescued animals. There are no administrative expenditures. You can learn more about the foundation or make a donation at our web site http://tessmcintyrefoundation.org.

Donations to The Tess McIntyre Foundation are tax deductible. The Tess Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charity.
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